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Kinilaw (Ceviche)

I was so glad to find this small little white fish in the grocery store today. This kind of fish (we call a similar looking fish “homoy-homoy” – is perfect for ‘kinilaw’ (saviche), a form of cooking that uses acid to cook the ingredients. Kinilaw is, like the Mexican ceviche (we spell it as saviche), […]

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Filipino Cooking for Beginners

We have a mystery guest blogger today … from England, no less! An array of delicious Filipino food cooked in the diaspora Filipino food is known for combining sweet (tamis), sour (asim) and salty (alat) flavours all in one dish. These contrasting flavors create a unique taste and texture. In addition, Filipino cuisine is rather […]

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Filipinos are very fond of sour fruits dipped in or sprinkled with something salty like salt, patis (fish sauce) and bagoong (fermented small shrimps or anchovies). Example are green mangoes, kamyas and any other unripe or manibalang (half-ripe) fruit. Sometimes we add vinegar to the dip or dressing, as in a salad. When I was […]

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Tinuom is basically a type of cooking in which the ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves and then broiled in hot charcoal. This is basically peasant fare … and the type of cooking used when you are in the field … or in the forest working … where there are no cooking utensils available. In […]

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Sinigang na baboy Sinigang is cooking with water and adding a souring agent from fruit or vegetable. May be meat, fish or fowl. This one is baboy (pork) with plenty of goodies in it. So rich and so, oh, beautiful.

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I ate this 35: Nilagang Baboy, originally uploaded by Flipped Out. Nilaga is boiling fish, fowl or meat with more water. As in this case, nilagang baboy (boiled pork), a hearty pork stew with different kinds of vegetables. Nilaga is a versatile dish because you can do whatever you want – just boil the ingredients […]

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