Banana cue

Banana cue is basically saba (cooking bananas) rolled in sugar and deep fried in hot oil. The heat will caramelize the sugar while on the banana making the outside crisp to the bite but soft inside. The bananas are then strung together (usually two or three) with a bamboo skewer.

While you can certainly make bananacue, it is really a street food and best purchased from your suki na maglalako (your favorite vendor). He/she has been doing this for awhile and theirs would be so much superior than your own. Really.

Philippine Cooking Bananas

Saging na saba (Philippine cooking bananas)

Manong preparing banana cue

Manang preparing banana cue

One last look. Oh, be sure not to bite on the banana when it just got made as it would be very hot inside!

8 Responses to “Banana cue”

  1. betchai says:

    you’re correct, i tried many times to make my own banana q as i missed it, and does not taste as good as the one i bought on the streets :( so i settle with “kumbo” instead when i cook.

  2. simplyjacy says:

    i still need to find a saba so i can make my own banana cue. but i know it won’t taste as good as the ones made by our “suki”. i always have problems cooking with sugar as it always gets burned. so i am expecting that when i make this, it won’t be as good.

    it has been my favorite streetfood and it will always will!

  3. enchie says:

    love your site talaga! babana cue I will look make some tomorrow :)

  4. admin says:

    enchie, let us know how it turns out :-)

  5. chaoen says:

    i lyk talaga d bananacue co’z it is one of the filipinos food.

  6. melanie says:

    hmmmm. delicous i lyk banana cur

  7. micah bantot says:

    pahinge nama dyannnnnnnnn

  8. melanie says:

    pahinge naman dyannnnnnnnnnnnn

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