Bukayo waiting to set

Bukayo is a very sweet dessert or topping made of coconut.

You can use mature coconut flakes or young coconut meat. In our household, my mother used to make both but she preferred using young coconut meat when making bukayo especially if she made it as a topping for inday-inday, her signature dessert.

This is what you need:

Shredded young coconut meat
Muscovado sugar (raw sugar, kalamay, panocha)
coconut milk
anise (may be omitted)

Now, I found out that you may need to have exact amount because the bukayo that I made today, I just sort of winged it, and resulted to a watery bukayo that took a long time to set. So, something like 200 g of coconut, 200 g of muscovado sugar, 200 g of coconut milk … For this recipe, I used half a face of panocha (because I found it in the Filipino store!) that I broken into pieces for easy melting.

Mix sugar, coconut milk and anise on a saucepan and boil the hell out of it until it thickens. You need to watch it and stir constantly. When it thickens, add the shredded young coconut meat until the mixture becomes firm. Then remove from heat and cool a little bit. Then spoon into individual lumps and let it cool until it sets.

Now, I am going to use my bukayo as a topping for other desserts so I did not make it into bite size pieces.

You can also use coconut flakes available in the baking section of your grocery store and use brown sugar for muscovado.

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  1. iceah says:

    yummy :9 love this c:

  2. Fatherlyours says:

    Wow sarap sana. Kaya lang taas ng sugar ko.

  3. Oh my mangosteens are the best, i can’t get enough of that fruit i just wish it wasnt so pricey here in manila sigh :)

  4. admin says:

    Metz: similar here – fresh mangosteen has been reported to cost as much as $45.00/pound in NY. They serve fresh mangosteen as a dessert.

  5. Inday-inday says:

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  6. nidz says:

    oh, I really missed eating bukayo.

  7. fe evangelista says:

    hi ken, i was looking for a bukayo recipe and found yours among the others. I’ll try this and will inform you about the result.

  8. […] my mother made inday-inday, using bukayo from the flesh of young coconut. Most inday-inday may use bukayo made from shredded mature coconut. Enjoy your […]

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